CONCURSANTE: José Miguel Martínez
MONÓLOGO: "Las cosas inútiles"

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Enviado por q5l2M9rnhqz:
Keep on writing and chgguing away!
Enviado por OzconOGSZBF:
It isn't, but it is a start. If they can get this through, then they have a foolhotd for the real agenda, which is to tell you what you can eat, what you can wear, what you can watch on TV, etc. They want complete control of your life. This is just the start. Was this answer helpful?
Enviado por AzHRjQ0gFftm:
No one EVER charges for qeuots. Not on line, not in real life. And it's almost impossible to find an ACCURATE insurance quote online, at those quote comparison places. See, they are trying to either harvest your personal information to sell it as leads to hundreds of agents, or, they're trying to direct you to ONE company's website, by inflating the other companies' rates.Unless you go DIRECTLY to a company's website like geico, progressive, leader infinity you cannot trust any of the rates at a comparison website to be accurate.
Enviado por RIbpAoEb:
no law I know is being drafted about fciorng people to get health insurance. If youre talking about the healthcare Obama is trying to past. And what's wrong with having health care for everyone if everyone is paying? Its just like another tax you get on your paycheck. If you dont want to take part in health insurance for everyone then dont work. Was this answer helpful?
Enviado por M1BFodlI:
Arectlis like this just make me want to visit your website even more.
Enviado por whFr7GJYVw:
I'm skipping the blog a week at a time so I miss all this drama-fest. Relaxing, less sesrts, without you knuckleheads calling each other names!Anyway, CK starting out in the new stadium in 2014? Interesting idea. Fresh stadium, fresh start maybe.I think they will evaluate Alex and Kap at the end of the year and see what's what. They'll do whatever looks right to keep them moving forward.I haven't seen enough of CK yet to give me a real good idea of what he's got going other than the few things I mentioned last year and in pre-season: mechanics are a bit unrefined compared to the book or how you're supposed to do things. The big wind up, as Houston mentions, is a bit wonky but we know he has a big arm and a lot of velocity so from a timing perspective who knows, could be a wash, could be better, he can throw a fast hardball.I agree with you on Tolzien, purely from a west coast offense kinda thing, he looks more like the traditional guy. His time may come.Really hard to say what happens. The Niners have a TON of 2013 draft picks and not a lot of needs (although they've yet to prove they can pick receivers yet) so maybe they cobble something together to move up. I think the Chiefs have no choice but to take Matt Barkley out of USC and it's figured Geno Smith and Tyler Wilson will go first round. Smith maybe replacing Gabbert in Jacksonville.I think we'll actually go defense this time around in the first. Probably a safety or a corner is my bet, but hey a guy like Logan Thomas to play around with maybe? Pretty accurate but needs some work on his feet. Niners are good with feet, we should certainly have the best QBs coaches around.Who knows.




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